Oh hey,
come here

Yea, us too. We never miss an opportunity for a good old fashioned humble brag.
So, here goes.

Simplified Superfoods was founded upon the belief that smoothies needed to regain their title as a ‚Äėconvenient breakfast option‚Äô (insert celebratory hands emoji here).

Organic Chia Seeds
High in antioxidants; great source of fiber & omega-3’s. Also contains vitamins & minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium).
Organic Hulled Hearts
Excellent source of healthy fat and high in protein (plant based). Also contains all 20 essential amino acids.
Grass-Fed Collagen*
Substantial source of protein which includes 9 of the essential amino acids.
*Vegan? We’ve got you covered. We also make a version without collagen.
Organic Flax Seeds
High in antioxidants, fiber and omega 3’s. Good for digestive health and lowering cholesterol.

Our founder, Jamie

Has always been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and has a strong affinity for her morning smoothie, but has zero chill when it comes to wasting time. In an effort to maximize her mornings, and clear up some real estate in her pantry, she began making packets for herself and quickly realized how many other people could benefit from her super power packets of goodness.

And so, Simplified Superfoods‚ĄĘ was born! We couldn't be happier that you‚Äôre visiting our site and look forward to seeing all of your SS creations on Instagram!