chia + flax + hulled hearts (vegan, 1.5oz packets)
chia + flax + hulled hearts (vegan, 1.5oz packets) chia + flax + hulled hearts (vegan, 1.5oz packets)
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chia + flax + hulled hearts (vegan, 1.5oz packets)

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We have yet to find someone who has the TIME to measure and pour all the potions and powders for smoothies, so we decided to quit our day jobs and lend a hand

We magically combine all the dry ingredient essentials (protein, fiber, fat) so with as little as a blender, berries and liquid, you can embrace true satiation and optimal nutrition.

We also stir this into oatmeal, sprinkle it in yogurt and toss it in baked goods!

Organic Chia Seeds 
antioxidants. omega-3s. 
Organic Flax Seeds 
omega 3s. fiber. digestive health.
Organic Hulled Hearts 
fat. protein. all 20 essential amino acids.

Packets are 1.5oz each
*Subscription orders will ship every 1 Month(s) and can be paused, adjusted or cancelled at anytime

**Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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Melanie B.
United States United States
Suggestion to get even more health benefits from this mix

Love the handy little packets! Flax seeds need to be ground in order to get the health benefits but you don't want to buy them pre-ground because they will oxidize and that's not good for you. The flax seeds come whole in this mix, so I would recommend getting a small coffee bean grinder to throw the mix in before you're about to add it to a smoothie. Then add a banana, a cup of frozen pineapple chunks, and fill the empty seed packet with water twice and dump it all in the blender. You get a nice, thick, healthy treat! This makes enough for two, so I shared mine with my 13 year old son and he's loving it.

Simplified Superfoods

Thanks Melanie! Glad your son is loving it too!

Simplified Superfoods has truly made such a difference in my life!

Before Simplified Superfoods, breakfast was always a guessing game for me. If I had the time, I'd try to make a smoothie, but typically a trip to the local cafe for a grab-and-go sandwich was my routine. This routine left me feeling lethargic mid morning and ravenous by lunch time. Simplified Superfoods has truly made such a difference in my life! Having all the dry ingredients in one little packet makes my morning so much faster and often times I'm not even hungry for lunch. It feels great to start my day with the essentials....protein, fiber, and fat.

Liza L.
Thank goodness for Simplified Superfoods!!!

As someone that does not love to make smoothies in the am let alone cook simplified SUPERFOODS has been a GAME CHANGER!!! I can feel the difference physically when I add it to my overnight oats, bowl of oatmeal/granola and especially in my kids diets when we add it to what we bake! Thank you, thank you for making us all healthier!!!


Simplified Superfoods has allowed me to incorporate superfoods in my FAST + BUSY life. The GENIUS packaging is perfect for travel! I love that I can rip open a packet - throw it in my smoothies, oatmeal and even my avocado toast! I am thrilled to have something that I can use everyday. It's stress free nutrition that keeps me on my toes! I noticed increased energy + better digestion and overall I feel better. I will NEVER GO BACK! Thank you Simplified Superfoods!

Just like the names says...Simplified Superfoods!

Top quality ingredients that make it easy for me to use and keep on hand when I need real nutrients incorporated in my sometimes not so great diet. Whether it's with my smoothies, pancakes/muffins, or mixed with spoonful of almond/cashew/walnut butter! I can feel the benefits of the superfood blend and most importantly it helps curb the hangry moments.